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Markets Served

Like you, we are focused on retail excellence.

Shelf2Cart is a great fit for a range of markets, innovating in markets including Grocery and Retail, College / University, and Commissary / Central Kitchen Whether you are a grocer, convenience store, college or central kitchen, we have what you need to make your products and/or store experience stand out to the consumer.

Grocery and Retail

Grocery and Retail labeling and signage can help define your product and store image and branding, and make your store feel more premium and enjoyable to shop, driving return trips. It also can portray a better image of the products and make them more attractive.

These elements are vital in conveying your message to the consumer to engage and move the consumer to purchase. Shelf2Cart allows you to tie all of your labeling and signage together for a consistent look. This includes stock and customized product labels, stock and print-your-own shelf and case labels and signage, and media for your salad bar, cheese displays, etc. We can help determine which labeling and signage are right for your grocery and retail application.

College and University Markets

Colleges and universities have a diverse group of individuals working and learning on their campuses. Therefore, labels and signage must accommodate students and faculty from differing backgrounds. Whether you are looking for university bookstore signage, or food labeling and packaging for the cafeteria, we will support your efforts to ensure compliance and inclusiveness on all applications. We offer a great range of solutions which are the perfect addition to any school or learning environment.

Commissary and Commercial Kitchen

Commissaries or commercial kitchens for grocery, convenience store or other retailers need to manage their label and signage to meet a variety of needs. If you have an assembly line to make and package fresh, perishable foods to distribute to a variety of stores, we have stock and custom items that can increase the quality of your packaging to an upscale look and enhance the perception of your products. We are also here to provide merchandising expertise and problem solve with you as your partner. We can also reduce the number of label SKUs you need and reduce scrap waste by customizing your just-in-time printing on attractive, color labels and signs with variable, flexible on-demand printing. We also offer a wide range of security labels or full-package wraps to protect the integrity of the products. We can also offer flexible packaging, lidding and other products through our vast network of solutions.

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